Services & Prices

Annual Bank Holidays including Easter, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, will be charged at double the normal rate for all of our services.

Customer Consultation

A free consultation will be booked and administered prior to any agreement that the customer and PadPaws steps into. This usually will take 45-90 mins depending on services required. Within this consultation a discussion will take place surrounding your animal and the services you require PadPaws to conduct.

Dog Walking (Dog Walking is offered Mon-Fri typically between 10am-4pm as this is when it’s mostly in demand.)

Please note:

Dog Walking Services are not offered on any Annual Bank Holidays, unless you are boarding with us.

All Dogs will be walked on a lead unless owners request an off the lead service . (Owners must sign a disclaimer for this service)

Please keep your dogs free from fleas and parasites.


Individual Walks are conducted only, we do not operate a group walk service provision

Individual walks are 30 Mins (including walk, dry, (if required) water change) £12.50 for one dog any additional family dogs walked at the same time are £5.50 extra each up to a maximum of x3 dogs

Pop Ins

20-25 Mins (Including play, water change, feed if necessary, time out in the garden/short walk) £10.50
Additional family dog at the same time £5.50

Puppy Visits

If you are lucky enough to be able to bring a puppy into your family environment, it is Important that it is given the best start in life.

PadPaws can help you achieve this by being there for your new family member when you can’t be.

We offer x1 visit or x2 visits depending on your requirements to help you progress your puppy through it’s infancy, helping you with toilet training, encouraging learning and play time, not forgetting the Importance of human interaction.

We will help you progress them through their early walking stages so that they are in a position to hopefully become a valued team member within one of the PadPaws group walking sessions in the future.

Puppy training & socialization is key to a happy you and a happy dog.

Prices Start from

1 visit £10.50        2 visits £18 (Cuddles are free)

Cat Visits

Our cat sitting visits are ideal for owners who don’t want to put their cats into a cattery whilst away on holiday or business, achieving a far more cost effective option if you have more than one cat.

We can call in once or twice a day as required to tend to your cat, which includes feeding, water change, changing cat litter, and playing.

Prices start from £8.50 per visit (depending on work/service required)

Additional cats per household are charged at £2.50 extra per cat

A minimum of 1 visit every 24hrs is necessary in accordance to animal welfare law.

Pet Taxi

If your treasured pets require transportation to Vets, Kennels etc, when your not able, your furry friend can be transported in our specialized van which is fully insured to carry animal passengers.

All taxi service requirements are quoted on an individual basis. Please contact us by phone 07766 078075 or email

Small Furry Visits

If you have small animals such as Hamster, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Birds, Fish we can offer a visit each day or when required to feed, change water, clean up mess, exercise, brush, administer medication  where appropriate.

  • Please note the cleaning of fish tanks and Avery’s will not be undertaken however the day to day feed and checks will be.

We can tailor a package to suit your needs, be it daily visits, or every other day etc.

Prices start from £8 depending on service required. We can call in twice a day if required.

Additional pets £2

Holiday Visits

  • All holiday visits will be conducted in the owner’s home.
  • All animal feed, bedding, medication, cleaning materials are to be provided by yourselves but will/can be used and administered by PadPaws.
  • Treats (unless sensitive stomached and allergic) and poo bags where appropriate will be provided by Padpaws whilst your pets are in our care.
  • A minimum of 1 visit every 24hrs is necessary in accordance to animal welfare law.
  • Price to be agreed on quotation per individual service request.

Note – This service will not be conducted for Dogs. A dog walking service or a pop in service is not a substitute whilst you’re away on holiday to give the time a dog needs over a 24 hr period. PadPaws will only provide a dog walking service whilst you’re away when there is someone staying in the household who can attend to their every other need.

*5 Day Care

  • PadPaws offers a Doggy Day Care Service for your pet who also needs some time to relax, play, socialise amongst friends, learn key valuable skills, and not forgetting the unconditional cuddles from our team, whilst your at work or just enjoying a day out with your friends
  • Prices start from £22 per day for an individual dog £18 for every other additional animal (a maximum of three in any family household)
  • Dogs can be picked up and dropped off for you, in our comfortable and luxurious PadPaws vans, for free, within a 5 mile radius if you should require, or just drop off and pick up direct to us between 8am – 6pm Mon-Fri. Weekend days may be accommodated with prior request if staffing permits
  • A free consultation is conducted prior to every day care service provided at PadPaws and a trial day booked so that your pet gets to see where they will be going for socialisation, learning, play, and cuddles

*5 Luxury Home Boarding

  • PadPaws offers a Home Boarding Service for those long needed family holidays. Don’t forget your pet also needs some time to relax and enjoy walks, cuddles, and time to socialise amongst friends, whilst your enjoying your time away from it all.
  • PadPaws also offers individual 24 hr stays for those nights away or business meetings/ trips.
  • Prices start from £28 per 24 hr stay for an individual dog £23 for every other additional animal (a maximum of three in any family household)
  • All food, bedding and leads for the pets daily walks (if a dog) are to be supplied by the owner due to these all being recognisable items that assist in the continued maintenance of the health and welfare of the pet/s.
  • A free consulation is conducted prior to every stay at PadPaws and a trial day/ overnight stay booked so that your pet gets to see where they will be going on holiday (try before you buy, something you wish you could do when booking your dream holiday!!!)

Additional Services

House Moving

If you’re moving house we can look after your animal whilst you’re on the move.

We’ll pick up your pet, house sit for the day, take it a walk, feed, play, where appropriate and return it to your new home within an agreed geographical location at a time suitable within the day of the move.

  • Price and service to be agreed on quotation.

Home security check

Even if you haven’t got a pet!!! Happy to bring in post, adjust lights, draw curtains, put bins out, water plants making house look lived in.

£5 per visit

  • Please note on all Bank Holiday’s all services are double subject to availability
  • Please note all prices are based on a 5 mile radius of Business address, Additional charges will apply based on 40p per mile added outside of this geographical area.

Lock Out/Key Delivery

We will come out to your house and unlock you door if you happen to lock yourself out

£5 within normal business hrs, £10 all other times